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UAM and Infrastructure: To build or not to build

While there are many pilot Urban Air Mobility (UAM) projects well underway in major cities across the globe, the infrastructure that will enable scaled adoption of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles is not yet implemented in the existing urban and suburban regions.

What infrastructure is needed for UAM mass-implementation and who is going to build it?


7 months ago

Vertical Aerospace

UAM and design: No one size fits all

As the UAM industry is very new and keeps rapidly evolving, a lot of questions remain unanswered. Currently, there are over 300 eVTOL designs are registered in the eVTOL Aircraft Directory.

While all vehicles have different design features, is there a distinct solution that is set to be the winner of the race to market? And where will those aircraft be used?


7 months ago


COVID-19: the world we (will) live in

COVID-19 has transformed all areas of our lives, destroying economies, leading to mass-scale lay-offs, and mentally setting all communities back.

We are all, however, now trying to see opportunities in these difficult times. So what’s ahead for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)?


7 months ago